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If you're not an incumbent on the MIPSS contract and would like to be considered for a position on the CPSS PP&C contract, please apply in your area of expertise.

Cost Estimating Analyst

The cost estimating analysis team will perform cost benefit and risk analysis studies. They provide estimates of the effect of project and program change requests and major additions. They also analyze and interpret raw engineering and cost data for estimates and operate and analyze parametric cost estimating models. CPSS PP&C will have cost estimators located at MSFC, JSC, ARC and AFRC. 


Cost Modeling Specialists

The cost molding specialists will support CPSS PP&C cost analysis efforts by developing cost estimating relationships and managing large database systems and file-structures. This team will also maintain a unique cost modeling software and stay ahead of the curve on new software development and I.T. trends. CPSS PP&C currently has Cost Modeling Specialists at MSFC, ARC, AFRC, and GRC.

EVM Analysts

The Earned Value Management (EVM) analysts are experts in establishing baselines for performance management, conducting integrated baseline reviews, completing detailed performance assessments, and presenting the results of these practices to their management team. The EVM Analysts are currently located at MSFC, ARC, AFRC, GRC, JSC, NASA HQ and KSC. 

Business Meeting

Program Integration Analysts

Program Integration Analysts will provide program, planning, and control services. This will include integrated assessments and analyses of program/project cost, schedule, and technical performance data as well as supporting reviews, including PPBE, and presenting decision-making data to the management teams. CPSS PP&C currently has Program Integration Analysts at MSFC, ARC, AFRC, GRC, JSC, NASA HQ, and KSC. 

Risk Management Analysts

Our risk management analyst team will provide program planning and control support as it relates to program risk, including cost, schedule and technical. They will also participate in trade studies and program/project review meetings. CPSS PP&C has Risk Management Analysts at MSFC, JSC, ARC, and AFRC.

Analyzing Data

Scheduling Analysts

Schedulers are essential to NASA’s success on CPSS PP&C. The scheduling analysts develop, coordinate, and maintain technical schedules of all types and sizes. Schedulers will also track schedule progress and develop custom reports for the customer. The CPSS PP&C program currently has scheduling analysts at MSFC, ARC, AFRC, GRC, JSC, NASA HQ and KSC. 

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