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We are an industry leader in Program Management. From large scale programs like NASA’s Space Launch System to co-developing various automated scheduling tools used across the Government, we are passionate about training others in program management best practices.  Our team provides award-winning Earned Value Management, Scheduling, and Work Breakdown Structure expertise to our customers and has written several instructional handbooks that set industry standards. 


  • Develop WBS & WBS Dictionary

  • Project Management Planning

  • Risk Management Planning

  • Resource Loaded Scheduling

  • Cost/Schedule/Technical Trade Studies

  • What-if Analysis

  • Scenario Planning & Assessments


  • Schedule Risk Assessments (SRA) - Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Joint Confidence Level (JCL) Assessments

  • Earned Value Management

  • Integrated Baseline Reviews

  • Data Analysis & Reporting

  • System Implementation

  • System Validation

  • Software Selection

  • Programmatic Integration


  • Schedule & EVM Reporting

  • Risk Management Analysis

  • Standing Review Boards

  • Performance Metrics

  • Independent Assessments

  • Non-Advocate Reviews

  • Schedule Management

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